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Some of Our Most Recent Customer Testimonials:

We have been collecting some of the most recent comments our customers say about our software.

Customer Quotes 2016

Tina, thank you very much for all that you've done. I'm sure that you're extremely busy and to have provided us with the boat load of information we needed was amazing!
January 19, 2016

Ernest gets a 10 out of 10! Super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.
January 16, 2016

Yes, it's great to be back! I've regretted we ever left, being with XXXXX was an experience I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
January 15, 2016

Ernest on your support team was wonderful ... and patient!
I have been using 1099Pro for over 7 years and the software always exceeds my expectations.
The support desk and everyone else at 1099 Pro I talk to are always wonderful to work with.
January 15, 2016

Ernest exceeded my expectations. He was very helpful and professional. Very impressed with his knowledge and communication skills!
January 14, 2016

The 1099 Pro representative was great. Within 3 minutes I was up and running! Great product and great service.
January 8, 2016

Steve, I am one of the Service Bureau's biggest fans and love the application and service. Thanks for everything your company does for us every year!

Happy New Year!
January 7, 2016

Mariana was very knowledgeable with the system and I learned a lot in a very short time. She also took the time to consult with another person. I felt she did all that she could to help me. She is very pleasant too!!
January 6, 2016

Customer Quotes 2015

Steve - I have felt your company has been a great asset to ours. Your people are extremely helpful and it was great working with you - almost 20 years.

December 2, 2015

I just wanted to mention what a great asset Mariana Menendez is to your team.

I needed a couple of things and I had them almost quicker than I could blink my eyes. I would love to have made a phone call to you and let you know what an impression she made on me, but will settle for email. You must be thrilled to have her working with you. Please be sure to let upper upper management know what a great employee she is.

It would be great for her to be rewarded in some manner. It is so difficult these days to find staff that will make thing happen and do so quickly. This makes it so easy to work with a company and remain loyal.

September 22, 2015

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