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The team at 1099 Pro is excited to bring you these informational videos with updates, best practices and tools you need to ensure a successful and trouble-free 1099 filing season.

Tax year 2022 Federal Regulatory Updates and IRS Modernization

Topics covered in this video include:
  • Federal 1099 tax form updates
  • Form focus on the 1042-S changes
  • Impact of IRS investment in new security and filing systems

Overview of 1099 Direct State Reporting and Filing Best Practices for 2022

Topics covered in this video include:
  • 1099 State reporting overview and challenges
  • 1099-NEC direct state reporting service changes for 2022
  • Proactive filing season best practices

Tax Year 2022 - 1099 Pro Software Tutorial

Topics covered in this video include:
  • Knowledge base wiki website updates and help
  • Form changes and mapping
  • Software changes for 2022

Note: Since this content was published the IRS release guidance that the reduced $600 threshold for 1099-K reporting will be delayed until tax year 2023. As a result, the federal threshold for the 1099-K reporting for tax year 2022 will remain unchanged at $20,000 and 200 transactions. For additional details on this federal change as well as state 1099-K reporting implications, see our recent blog on this late breaking change here.